Welsh Building Company enjoy the challenge of building on difficult sloping blocks that many other contractors find too tough to tackle. The history of three generations in building has allowed us to come up with the best solutions.

Welsh Building – Sloping Block Builders Gold Coast

For many building contractors, a difficult sloping block is considered a problem – something that is avoided whenever possible. Here at Welsh Building Company, however, we consider these often overlooked problem blocks as a gift, as they allow us to display the creative ingenuity we’re famed for along the Gold Coast.

In fact, many of the custom-built houses in our portfolio have been built on  sloping blocks. These blocks are the foundation for many interesting and unusual properties we’ve constructed, giving the dwellings the unique features and character they would not have had without them.

We’re ready to take on the sloping-block challenge

If you think your block might be too steep to build on, think again…

Our most challenging sloping block to date was a property built on a 10m fall – the sort of incline many builders would consider too steep to build on.

We achieved this by having our engineers design the bracing which is safely supported by steel-reinforced concrete blocks buried deep into the ground. After installing extra-strong steel posts to more than adequately support the dwelling, we had the sturdy foundation required to build on this particular block.

The end result was something spectacular -with a beautiful creek view, the newly-built house was another portfolio piece we could be truly proud of.

We can build on any shape or angle of block

Whatever shape of block you have that you’d like to have a house built on, Welsh Building Company are here to build on it. As the saying goes – where there’s a will, there’s a way – and that’s the philosophy we stand by when it comes to challenging sloping blocks.

So, if you think your block might be too difficult to build on, contact us today – we’ll gladly take on the challenge.

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