Benefits of New Buildings

Buying a pre-constructed home is convenient, but you often have to make several compromises. There are always going to be things you love and hate about such buildings, which is why we encourage you to consider new buildings. At Welsh Building Company, we offer expert house construction services and will create a home that fits your vision perfectly.

Many prospective homeowners worry about building a new home from scratch because they’re intimidated by the amount of work involved. Home buying is already a complicated process, but building one from scratch adds more steps. We always try to make this process as stress-free as possible, providing consistent support, every step of the way.

Here’s a look at why you should consider it:

  • Customizable – New builds offer a lot of creative freedom to prospective homeowners. You can add rooms, alter the design, including unique features, etc. We can create a new home that lives up to your expectations.
  • Safer – When you buy an old home, there’s always a risk of it having harmful or toxic building materials like lead paint or asbestos. Many homes also have lingering mould or pest infestations.
  • Green Buildings – Modern buildings are more energy-efficient than older properties, primarily if you design it with efficiency in mind. Building new homes allows you to add more insulation, install solar panels, use energy-efficient windows, etc. These features help reduce the strain on the environment while helping you save money on energy bills.

New homes also have a higher resale value, which is an essential factor to consider. Most people don’t buy or build a house to sell it right away, but keeping track of home value is a good idea.

How We Help 

We’re a family-owned, established construction company with vast experience in this field. As third-generation builders, we know how to make beautiful homes that fit a client’s vision perfectly.

Our team can build a property on your land, acquire land and design and build a house according to your requirements.

If you’re looking for reliable new home builders, call Welsh Building Company directly on 1300 356 693 or use our contact us form.

Your Dream Build Might Be Less Expensive Than You Might Think

Welsh Building Company offer a wide variety of building services to cater for almost any budget, and your dream build might be less expensive than you might think. We offer a complete service from start to finish: from the initial consultation, through to the construction phase, then handing you the keys upon completion.

Managing Director Andrew Welsh supervises every stage of your development, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. We can build on almost any terrain as well. For example, many of our homes have been built on steep slopes.

We Offer A Wide Range
Of Services For Any Budget

Project to Client’s Budget

We can work out and then work within your budget

House and Land Packages

We can acquire land and build so you can just move in

House on Your Land

if you already own a piece of land, we can build a new dwelling on it

Design and Build

if you already own a piece of land, we can build a new dwelling on it

Commercial Construction

We can provide commercial fit-outs for a wide range of commercial properties such as factories


We can fully renovate your existing property to the highest standard possible

Build in NSW & Queensland

We are fully licensed to build in these states.

Is Your House Looking Weathered? Time for a Revamp!

Welsh Building provides a range of design options to revamp your home. So contact one of our building consultants to discuss your home renovation options.