What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats are a great way to utilize unused backyard space while increasing a property’s overall value. Many homeowners in Australia consider this a worthwhile investment and hire trustworthy building companies to build these flats. Welsh Building Company has ample experience in this field as we have worked on several such projects over the years.

 A granny flat is an independent, self-contained living unit that is attached or detached from your primary home. It is usually smaller in size and is suitable for a single person or a couple. Most units include essential elements like:

  • One or two bedrooms
  • A kitchen
  • One bathroom
  • A laundry room

Benefits of Granny Flats

This is a very productive addition to a property and is a worthwhile investment for all kinds of homeowners as long as they have sufficient room. Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits of granny flats:

  • Elderly parents can live on your property comfortably while still retaining their independence and privacy.
  • You can accommodate more people without having to squeeze multiple family members into one bedroom.
  • If the granny flat is vacant, you can lease it. Clients often earn a reasonable second income by renting these units.
  • The property has a higher resale value, and you’ll have more capital gain.

You can customize a flat design based on your specific requirements. For example, if the flat is for an elderly couple with limited mobility, we can ensure it is fully accessible or suitable for people in wheelchairs.

Granny flats are an excellent investment but experienced builders best handle this project. We follow all local code requirements, get relevant permits, and make sure the granny flat doesn’t compromise your property’s value in any way.

A poorly designed or constructed flat will stick out like a sore thumb, which eventually lowers a property’s overall value. We make sure your granny flat is attractive, comfortable, and efficient.

If you’re looking for reliable granny flat construction companies, call Welsh Building Company directly on 1300 356 693 or use our contact us form.

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