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Below is a bit more details on how we work

1. Getting Started

The whole process begins when you contact us. We’re a friendly bunch, so we start off by arranging a meeting to discuss all of your needs and requirements. Everything will be covered during our meeting, and we leave no stone unturned in finding out what you envisage your dream home to look like. With your proposed budget in mind, we will help you make your decisions on each aspect of your future home. From the number of bedrooms and overall layout to the personalised finishing touches, we take every single one of your ideas into consideration.

2. Design Decision

Once we’ve got a good idea of your requirements, we pass on your ideas to our qualified building designer who will begin drawing up some sketches of your home-to-be. When the sketches are ready, we will pass them on to you to review. Don’t forget, this is your investment, so it may take some time until our design team comes up with a plan you’re completely satisfied with. After some final tweaks, we’re ready to move on to the next step…

3. Documentation

You’ve approved your new home design, and you’re ready to go ahead. We now fill out all the necessary paperwork, agree on a price, and sign all the contracts. We ensure you are completely satisfied with everything up to this stage, as this is when the ball really starts to roll…

4. Certification Engineering Approval

Once upon a time, our ancestors could choose a nice piece of land and start building. It’s not quite as simple as that these days, though. Once all the paperwork has been finalised, we have to make sure the plans meet government regulations. We then acquire council and government approval to begin the construction phase.

5. Design Decision

If you haven’t already made a decision about It is very important that time is spent on creating and finalizing your interior design. Our Award winning design team can help you work out what the best material, finishes and fixtures, will best suit the style of your home. Our qualified interior design team can help you to choose everything from your kitchen layout, and bathroom fittings, your flooring, colours for each room, right down to your taps.

6. Hand Over

This is the exciting part, both for you and for us! While it’s a great sense of achievement for us to stand back and look at the building we constructed, we know it’s even more exciting for you to receive the keys to your new house. As well as your keys you will receive all of your documents, and your 6-year structural and 6-month non-structural warranties. We will talk you through each document, and provide a full explanation of the warranties. Everything is formally finalised and you are ready to begin moving in. This could very well be the first and last time you experience this moment, so don’t forget to have a bottle of ice-cold champagne ready to celebrate your new home!

Is Your House Looking Weathered? Time for a Revamp!

Welsh Building provides a range of design options to revamp your home. So contact one of our building consultants to discuss your home renovation options.