Benefits of Renovations and Additions

Humans like to live in dynamic, versatile environments. A home can quickly become outdated, especially if it is poorly-designed. A house that was the perfect fit for your family a decade ago may not meet a growing family’s needs. That’s why many homeowners spend a lot of time, money, and effort renovating their space. At Welsh Building Company, we offer expert renovation and addition services.

 These projects can improve your home’s overall value and ensure you have a more comfortable environment. As experienced builders, we have handled all kinds of renovation projects, including complete property overhauls.

Taking this step can offer several benefits, including:

  • More Room for Family – Adding a room or two can help you accommodate more people. You can add a nursery, a child’s room, a study, or even an entertainment space if needed.
  • Modern Efficiency – Older homes aren’t very energy efficient, which means they can be a drain on your resources during summers or winters. We can modify the design and add elements that make a client’s property more energy efficient. Things like improved insulation, more efficient appliances, EnergyStar rated windows, etc. can help.
  • Modern Design – We can transform your property by upgrading its design to suit your current requirements. Our team can make sure your property has less clutter, more open space, and a lot of natural light.
  • Increased Value – Renovated homes have a higher market value, especially if the renovation is relatively recent. Most prospective home buyers consider this when they look at older properties.

If you love your location and the bones of your home or apartment, then renovating is the answer. This can be a much better investment than selling and moving, If you consider the cost of stamp duty and the cost of moving. Additionally it may also be difficult to find an home that ticks all the boxes.

Smart renovation can transform your home or apartment.There is no doubt it can also increase the equity and value in your home. At Welshbuilding we have helped many of our clients create amazing renovation outcomes.

Great home and apartment renovation is about great design and project planning. Our award winning design team coupled with an award winning building and project team means a great combination for your renovation project.

These are the most visible benefits of renovation or addition, but there are many more advantages. Our team will explain how a detailed renovation can help.

Our comprehensive service includes everything from planning and design to execution. We’ll make sure every change adds some value to your home and ticks all your boxes. Our experts plan additions carefully to ensure they don’t harm other aspects of a client’s property.

The design planning of your kitchen , bathroom and building extension can transform your home and living. There is no project that we cannot undertake based upon the wealth of experience at Welshbuilding.

The first step is to set up a meeting time for one of our qualified designers to meet you at your home to discuss what your options are. From that meeting you can gain some knowledge about what is possible and importantly some broad renovation budget parameters. Then if you are happy we can proceed to the design concept and costing phase.

With more than 25 years of experience at Welshbuilding we aim to have innovative design , seamless project management and quality finishing. This can only happen with great project planning and great client communication. Because we believe that makes perfect sense.

Why choose Welshbuilding for your home or apartment renovation?

1. You’ll deal with an experienced renovation designer
2. Your renovation will feature many thoughtful touches & a real ‘wow factor’
3. We provide a detail cost for your project before we start your project
4. We offer a complete project management service inclusive of all trade services
5. We’re fully licensed & offer a 7 year warranty & homeowners warranty insurance

If you’re looking for reliable renovation and addition services, call Welsh Building Company directly on 1300 356 693 or use our contact us form.

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Your Dream Build Might Be Less Expensive Than You Might Think

Welsh Building Company offer a wide variety of building services to cater for almost any budget, and your dream build might be less expensive than you might think. We offer a complete service from start to finish: from the initial consultation, through to the construction phase, then handing you the keys upon completion.

Managing Director Andrew Welsh supervises every stage of your development, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. We can build on almost any terrain as well. For example, many of our homes have been built on steep slopes.

We Offer A Wide Range
Of Services For Any Budget

Project to Client’s Budget

We can work out and then work within your budget

House and Land Packages

We can acquire land and build so you can just move in

House on Your Land

if you already own a piece of land, we can build a new dwelling on it

Design and Build

if you already own a piece of land, we can build a new dwelling on it

Commercial Construction

We can provide commercial fit-outs for a wide range of commercial properties such as factories


We can fully renovate your existing property to the highest standard possible

Build in NSW & Queensland

We are fully licensed to build in these states.

Is Your House Looking Weathered? Time for a Revamp!

Welsh Building provides a range of design options to revamp your home. So contact one of our building consultants to discuss your home renovation options.